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Goldup is a program created by The Family to support women to start their online store and make their first sale. Alice Zagury, CEO of The Family, has created this training to encourage women to enter a male-dominated ecosystem.

The numbers are known to everyone but a small reminder does not hurt: 30% of French companies are created and then run by women. Women represent between 9 to 12.4% of startup founders and only receive 5% of venture capital investment in France.

A lot of reasons can explain why women start a business in a lower proportion than men. However, I don’t believe that women are less ambitious than men or that we have a nurturing attitude that make us remaining discreet and complacent. I also don’t believe that women need to act like men to succeed. It’s not men against women.

However, I do believe that it’s time to encourage women to dare and give them their power back.

Goldup is part of these initiatives that want to ensure greater parity in the entrepreneurial world.

This training takes place on 5 Saturdays during a month and you get to receive training through classes and workshops.

You also have lunches with inspiring entrepreneurs such as Shanty Baehrel of Shanthy Biscuits or Carole Zibi of LinkedIn.

To be honest going to Goldup, I did not know what to expect: you can find a lot of free courses about Entrepreneurship through Google, Facebook, Coursera, etc…

Also, I was also pretty lost.

I felt stuck with my project and did not know what to do next but I knew I was ready to take a step forward.

I learned so many things in 5 weeks: how to find a product-market-fit, how to implement automatization, the startup mindset…

I also had the chance to meet some really inspiring entrepreneurs.

Alice Zagury, the CEO of The Family, an admirable woman with an impressive track record who motivated and encouraged us throughout the program and Mélanie Dinane, who is now the Director of Goldup program, that switched from being a lawyer to a career in Tech.

What I loved the most was being part of a community: I enjoyed very much brainstorming with other women about a brand name or a marketing strategy.

Thank you so much for everything! I strongly recommend it! GO! GO! GO!

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