How to gain a following on TikTok?

After lurking on TikTok for almost a year in October 2020, I took a leap of faith and started creating TikToks on a daily basis with the aim of reaching 10k followers within 2 months. Unfortunately, I did not achieve my target (I’m stuck at 4.6k which is not too bad for a woman over 30 not doing any kind of dancing) and now I have 5 takeaways on how to gain a following on TikTok!

1- Define what is the theme, the editorial line of your account!

Mine was talking about all things Tech and later on Studies and Career. I talked about Tech since that’s the industry I originated from. Since my followers are quite young ( From 13 years old and older), they inquire about my studies and ask about alternative career paths.

2- Do 5 TikToks per day

You have to post a lot of TikToks per day to iterate and see what content and formats will work and also learn how to use the platform! This is the Learning By Doing method!

3- Use filters

I’m not a big fan of filters so I use the classic beauty filter. Then there are tons of filters to use on TikTok!

4-Make Duets with TikToks that went viral

It’s an easy way to make a video that will generate a lot of impressions and maybe comments too. The same goes for collages, the types of TikToks where we use the first seconds of another TikToks!

5- Answer comments TikTok

Like any other social media platform, TikToks appreciates users that are interacting with each other. Reply to comment on your TikToks and don’t hesitate to make a video reply and comment on other’s people TikToks!

Don’t make ads make TikToks!

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