How to get prepared for an interview at Amazon?

Because of the health crisis, Amazon has been on a hiring spree. However, the chances of getting a job may be quite slim if you don’t prepare the interview VERY well. I have been interviewing with Amazon quite a few times since 2016.

Here are my impressions on how to prepare to interview with Amazon:

In short, Amazon is hiring BAR RAISERS only!


  • Know the leadership principles and take them very seriously.
  • It’s all about ownership: showing what you did outside of the scope of your role, when you demonstrated curiosity, and where you have solved a problem.
  • You need to show you “are right, a lot”, which means that you go above and beyond your assumptions to confirm your ideas. Did you pull data? How did you substantiate your claims?
  • But also that you have a “backbone”, you can speak up when needed and disagree respectfully.

Interviewing is a little bit like an introspecting process, you may need to be journaling, to go back through your experience to showcase your previous successes.

The goal of the interview process is to synthesize stories, have diverse perspectives for the interviewers, and cover as many leadership principles questions for the people interviewing to be able to make a decision about your application.

The technique use is behavioral interviewing. It’s soliciting a story: therefore it’s data-driven.

In short, it’s similar to journalism: they need to know WHO-WHY-HOW MUCH

That’s because Amazon is data-driven and leaders are trying to connect the dots on your work experience when interviewing you.

To do so, they use past experience as an indicator of current behavior.

SO be CLEAR and PROUD of your individual contribution!


For Amazon Web Services

  1. Customer Obsession
  2. Learn and Be Curious
  3. Delivering Results

For Amazon Web Services

  1. Customer obsession
  2. Earn trust
  3. Deliver results
  4. Learn and be curious

You need to show that you have the potential to build out your expertise over time as the technology is constantly evolving and Amazon is relentlessly innovating!


  1. How the role fits into the organization?
  2. What are the core competencies/skills for success?
  3. What does training look like?
  4. Is there anything specific to this organization? (ex. travel, remote working…)


Situation — Task

Context Setting

  • What was the problem statement?
  • How did you become involved?
  • What were you asked to do?



  • What did you do?
  • How many people were involved? What was your role?
  • What challenges did you face & how did you overcome?



  • What was the result?
  • Customer satisfaction was increased by X?
  • Customer complaints were decreased by X?
  • Sales increased by Z$

And voilà, these are my impressions on how to get prepared for an interview for Amazon! I’m curious to know if you got the job. Please connect with me on Linkedin to stay in touch!

Happy interviewing!

For your information, I compiled similar advice in a guide called “The Ultimate Job Seeker Checklist”. Click here to download yours!



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